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    A newspaper written by and for students at Munkácsy Mihály Gimnázium in Kaposvár, Hungary, The Munkácsy Times is the only English newspaper in Kaposvár. The newspaper was started in 2010 by then angol lektor Greg Boone. He and a small group of students, mostly in the MMG bilingual program, published the first issue in print in December 2010. To get involved and start writing, taking pictures, or editing this website, send and email to munkacsytimes@gmail.com
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Aldous Huxley: Brave New World by Svégel Fanni

How or where did it start? No one knows. Only one thing is sure. It had started. Yes the idea of the very wanted perfect society appears. The question is if it is what we truly want. We barely heard the question right off we have a problem, namely that Huxley’s man is not like any of … Continue reading

This is Sparta: Student’s Week 2011 by Papp Zsófi

Student’s Week is a tradition in our school that dates back to the 1990’s. The graduating classes fight against each other to win the key of Munkácsy and become the student-headmaster. The first day was like an ordinary day, but after the 3rd lesson there was a 45minute long break in which 11d organized a … Continue reading

An eventful dance show at Munkácsy Day by Havasi Dorottya

The Munkácsy Student’s Week in this year was also very enjoyable and so exciting! We saw the shows of the final classes on Wednesday and Thursday, which were so funny and entertaining, but Friday was the last and main day. Although that day wasn’t about the senior classes, there were some very joyful and interesting … Continue reading

Farewell to The White Stripes by Svégel Fanni

„The beauty of art and music is that it can last forever if people want it to.” Everything has the time and place to be or not to be any longer. Right now it is the second case, but let’s go back in time and see (or hear) what you have to before you stop … Continue reading

The Green Hornet by Németh Zsófi

This time it wasn’t easy to choose a movie to write about. I couldn’t find one that I wanted to watch, none of them seemed worth watching. So, I asked my friends about the films now playing and, well, they weren’t much help. Neither they did have a movie that they really liked or wanted … Continue reading

Photo of the Month

daisy. by Papp Zsófi  

Facebook vs. Lessons: Which Belong in School? by Szücs Zoltan

Unfortunately, there are more and more students choosing the first option. Personally, I’m against this, but what do the others think? In this article, you can read about the opinion of teenagers who have been asked in the halls. They told us whether they use facebook at school or not. Let’s see the students’ experiences! … Continue reading

The A-Team by Nemeth Zsófi

I think we all remember the series ‘The A team’ from which the movie was created. The outline of the story is the same, the characters are similar to the ones in the TV-series. But there are new missions and the story is more exciting than it has ever been before. There are such fine actors playing … Continue reading